#Mashup – Rainforest Squares Scarf

The Yarn

Company/Store: Misti Alpaca
Colorway: Macau CSP24
Weight/Length: DK/327 yards
Material: 83/17 Pima Cotton/Silk



I picked up 2 skeins of this yarn from Uncommon Threads recently, I am a big fan of green and was really taken by this yarn with so many colors, but they all seem to come together. I did not know the name of this yarn was Macau prior to comparing it to the rainforest when choosing a name for this scarf either! (I do seem to be featuring a lot of scarves lately I know, I will try and do a hat or something soon instead if I can…) It is super soft, as all yarn I buy has to be, and since its mostly cotton I wanted to find a pattern that was good for any season.

For those wondering, I got the idea to wind yarn onto a toilet paper roll after seeing this Pinterest photo.

The Pattern

 Name: Mirror Lake Scarf (Ravelry Link) (FaveCrafts.com also called Green Sheen Scarf)
Author: Lisa Gentry for Caron Yarns

Mirror Lake Scarf by Caron Yarns

So far I have only done 1 of the squares needed for this scarf. I do really like how it is turning out. I wanted to note that I changed my hook size to a G, instead of the I that is recommended for the pattern, I started with the I hook and it was way too loose. The G is working out great for this yarn for me. Otherwise I am following the pattern as described and will update again when completed!


Post Update: 10/3/2013

After a few weeks of neglecting this project I finally got into gear and completed it! I followed the pattern and made 8 squares, and then did the edging. The only change I made was on the edging where I only did 10 dc instead of the instructed 14, I wanted to ensure I had enough yarn left over at the end. I adore how it turned out!! Photos below!

Final Stats:

Size: 8in x 70in
Yarn Used: 1 full skien and about 1/2 of another, so about 450 yards total
This scarf found a home shortly after completion at a craft fair!






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#Mashup – Rainbow Scarf

The Yarn:

Company/Store: Schaefer Yarn: Nicole (sadly out of business)
Colorway: Hermione; all colors of the rainbow
Weight/Length: Fingering/405 yards
Material: 80/20 Extrafine Merino Wool/Nylon


The photo does not do this yarn justice for how amazingly colorful it is. It is literally a rainbow in yarn form. I so wish I could find more but alas the company is no longer in business so I knew I had to choose wisely to find a pattern that shows off this rainbow yarn perfectly!

The Pattern:

Name: Atlee Scarf and Shawl (link to Ravelry)
Author: Bev Matheson of One Yarn After Another

Atlee Scarf and Shawl by One Yarn After Another

Atlee Scarf and Shawl by One Yarn After Another

I came across this pattern on Ravelry and instantly knew, this was the right pattern to show off the ribbons of color in this yarn. So, I know as I continue to crochet I am going to come across things I make that I have trouble parting with, however I know that I will usually have enough will power to list almost anything despite how much I like it. But I am so keeping this one for myself I can’t dream of parting with it, check out the photos of how it turned out!



I did not end up having enough yarn to fully complete the pattern, it came out super long, but I love how the rows lined up with the color changes just enough to really make it look like a rainbow. Needless to say I am thrilled with the result and cannot wait to show it off this winter!

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#Mashup – Autumn Leaves Scarf

After doing a few of these neat yarn and pattern combos I have decided to call them Mashups! I am learning that I really like finding cool patterns and matching them with an interesting yarn that really makes the two compliment each other. I hope to feature these mashups every week or so. I will give them my own unique names so the owners of the yarn and pattern can retain their titles for their respective products. Ok on we go to this weeks Mashup: Autumn Leaves Scarf!

The Yarn:

Company/Store: Cascade Yarns – Pacific
Colorway: 25; A beautiful fall, dark, rustic orange
Weight/Length: Worsted/213 yards
Fiber: 40/60 Merino Wool/Acrylic

While not exactly an exotic yarn, I really love this color orange. I knew I wanted to find a pattern that would be able to be worn in the Fall to show off its wonderful color.

The Pattern:

The pattern I found is by Moogly Blog called Winter Sunrise:

Winter Sunrise Scarf by Moogly Blog

Winter Sunrise Scarf by Moogly Blog

It uses a cluster stitch that makes it puffy but still airy enough to wear starting in Fall. I admit after 3/4 completed I realized I was supposed to stop half way and go back to the start to made the other side match. The pattern causes an arc as you go so the end is rounded. I did not do this haha so not wanting to undo so much work I improvised with 2 rows of shells at the end to make it more flat so it resembled the beginning more.

I am going to definitely use this pattern again and this time make sure I follow it the correct way! However I am super happy with how it turned out, here are some photos of my completed Autumn Leaves Scarf.

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#Mashup – Plum Lace Scarf

Another fun yarn/pattern combo that I found that I am going to call Plum Lace. Details below!

The Yarn:

Company/Store: Western Sky Knits
Colorway: Dark Night; a variegated yarn with dark purples, plums and magentas
Weight/Length: DK/250 yards
Material: 80/10/10 Mer/Cash/Nyl

The Pattern:

I found this pattern by Lacy Crochet called Lacy Stitch for a Scarf:

Lacy Stitch by Lacy Crochet

Lacy Stitch by Lacy Crochet

I knew it would work really nicely with the purple yarn and would really show off the subtle changes in its colors. Here are some work in progress photos:



It works up quickly but looks really intricate, so I hope to finish it soon and will post a photo of the completed scarf!

Post Update: 8/23/13

Completed! The final dimensions are 6in width x 60in length.

This item is For Sale! Link to Etsy Product Page!

plumlace5 plumlace4

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#SFEtsy Meet & Make: Fiber Note Cards

I attended another SFEtsy group Meet & Make last night at the San Jose Museum of Quilting and Textiles.

This one was run by Armani Mondragón and our craft project was to make cute felt note cards. You take a plain note card and cut felt and decorative paper to size and shapes you want and then sew them together with thread or thin yarn. Super fun and simple enough for kids even.



I was deciding what to do with my cute note cards now that they are finished, and I thought they would make great decorative recipe cards. This project would be a great way to gift recipe cards to friends and family, for birthday gifts, shower gifts etc. I really liked the event and look forward to going to more of them!