New Shawls

I found a new shawl pattern that is currently my favorite personal project. I have completed 2 so far and I started a third one recently. Here are the juicy details:

Pattern: Klaziena Shawl
Yarn: 2 skeins = 1 shawl. For the teal/grey I used Scheepjes Whirl and for the brown/tan/white I used YarnArt Flowers.

I followed the pattern as written until I got low on yarn and here is the border I came up with:

Ended on a pattern row 5

Next Row:
Ch 3, 1dc, skip 2, sc, skip 2,5dc, skip 2, sc
Repeat: [5dc, skip 2, sc, skip 2]

at the point do 7dc in ch2 sp

continue repeat, end with 2dc in last stitch.

After I finished the grey/teal one, still being home a lot due to the pandemic, I started a 2nd one in a brown/tan/white color way. Same border as the first one.

I have just started my 3rd one using YarnArt yarn for a friend who picked out the color she wanted. Excited to see how the colors turn out on this one as it goes :)

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