Crochet DROPS Blanket Project

Yarn: Various colors of Bernat Satin yarn
Hook Size: H

Start Date: 4/22/13

This pattern called Bohemian Oasis by Drops Design, is a squares blanket that I am attempting to create. You can click on the image below and it will take you to the sites page for more about the pattern itself.

Drops Design - Bohemian Oasis Blanket

So far I have made about 18 squares for this blanket, it calls for 77! So I have much more work to do, and I have some more yarn on order. I am not using the yarn from the site (as it details and shows in the photos) but instead I am using solid colors from the Bernat Satin collection. Here are some progress photos below:




I have also done a few light grey colors squares last night and will be adding a few more colors as I go. Will update with more photos as I get more colors. The real fun will begin once I have to stitch them all together!

Project Update: 5/15/13

I have finished some colors and started new colors, I need 77 in all and at this point I now have 29 squares completed. Still a way to go! Here are some update photos:

Squares Blanket Update 1

Squares Blanket Update 2

Project Update: 6/22/13

I am 2 months to the date into this project, I have been making more squares off and on and I have completed 7 squares of 7 colors, so my total is now 49 squares! I have decided to complete an even 70 for this project instead of 77 because I cannot decide on an 11th color that works with the rest of them. So 70 it is! Which means I am 70% finished! Here is a shot of all of the colors I have completed so far:

Squares Blanket Update 3

Project Update: 8/9/13

Finished another color (light green, top left) and started color 9 (light purple, top right)! Update photo below, I now have 58 squares done and still going strong!


Project Update: 9/17/13

I am happy to finally say that I have finished making all the squares for this blanket!!!!!! Now to put them all together, which is not as difficult as I had originally thought. Here are some shots of all the squares and the layout I will be using. Next update will be when it is completed!



Project Update: 10/7/13

I am thrilled to say that I have completed this blanket! I really like how it turned out and the pattern was easy to follow all the way through. The only alteration I made was that I ended with 70 squares instead of the written 77.


Final Stats

Squares: 70 total ; 10 colors ; 1 x skein of each color to make up the total squares
Joining/Edging: 3 x skeins of dark grey used for all joining and edging
Size: 64 inches x 88 inches
Time: approx 24 hours to complete all squares ; approx 10 hours to complete joining and edging

Here are some more shots of the blanket, now if I can just keep my cat from sitting on it I am looking forward to enjoying this blanket for a good long time!





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  1. The blanket looks beautiful…..I love the colours that you’ve used. What joining method did you use as I know there are a few that look similar?

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