Two New Patterns

I tried 2 new patterns over the holiday weekend, the first is a pattern I found called Stashbuster by Sarahndipities. It us a super fun quick pattern you can make with anything, I am certainly going to use it again soon with all the leftover yarn I have like she recommends!

I made this into an infinity scarf too which makes it great warm wrap for cool to cold days. The yarn I used was a multi color acrylic yarn with reds, browns and dark magentas, reminds me of fall :)

Infinity Shell Scarf 3

Infinity Shell Scarf

Infinity Shell Scarf 1

Infinity Shell Scarf

Infinity Shell Scarf 2

Infinity Shell Scarf

The other pattern I tried is called the Divine Hat  by the same person whose Cable Hat pattern I have followed and used already. It makes a spiral effect and looks really neat when its done, I especially like how the yarn I used almost makes rows of color too.

Spiral Hat 1

Spiral Hat

Both are currently available for sale in my shop! Back to crocheting!

Learning to Improvise

Even when the best laid plans are in place, there are always opportunities that cause you to need to improvise. I was planning on making a single color hat with some light purple yarn I had and I underestimated how much I would need. Not liking to undo work unless I have to, I said ‘ok, I will just make the brim of this hat in some grey yarn I have left over’. However I needed 1 more row of the purple diamonds and I still came up short again, so I made the brim 1 row longer but instead of fpdc/bpdc alternating like normal for these hats, I did fpdc then 3 bpdc and I think it turned out really nice!


Diamond Hat

I might use this style brim again on future hats too, gives it a different look. I also really like this color combo. I made another hat prior to this (which is why I ran out of the purple) using these same colors. Both will be up in my shop soon for sale! I need to get better photos and its super cloudy today so the lighting is no good (yes, its cloudy in California, on a holiday, how terrible, shame on you CA for not being sunny right now!)


Diamond Hats

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Happy Memorial Day everyone, make sure you take a moment to remember all those who have served and currently serve our country.

#HappyHandMade Week 14 Shares!

Here are my shares for the week 14 #happyhandmade Daft Crafts event, some cute finds!


June 3rd – Splash Sale! #SFEtsySplash40



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Project Update 2: Squares Blanket

I have a short update on my squares blanket project, I have completed 29 squares so far out of the 77 I need total, so still got lots to do but I wanted to share some new photos of them with the added orange color.

Squares Blanket Update 1

Squares Blanket Update 1

Squares Blanket Update 2

Squares Blanket Update 2

Newly Completed Items

Here are some photos of some newly completed items I have made. The first is a completed photo of the Afghan stitch scarf I was working on earlier. This scarf was super fun to make because both sides of the scarf are interesting and could be the ‘front’. Check out my shop listing for more detailed photos.

I also finished my Catherine Wheel Stitch hat. Also recently new to my shop, it turned out cute I like the alternating colors too.

I have used this stitch before but did not get a great photo of the hat so I did another using just navy blue but I plan to make more colors of this hat, it uses what is called a Butterfly Stitch, and I watched this video to give me a start, however I did not follow the pattern exactly to get the hat I made.

I will be posting an update with photos on my squares blanket, I have more colors done so look for that later this week!

Afghan Stitch Scarf

I was watching a video about how to do an Afghan Stitch and thought I could make a skinny scarf with the pattern using only 10 stitches across.

Here is the video:

Here is a photo of my scarf so far:


I am really liking the texture this pattern makes, will probably add some fringe to the ends once its done too!

SFEtsy Meet & Make – Victorian Hair Jewelry

Tonight I got to attend an Etsy Meet & Make run by the SFEtsy Group here in the Bay Area. I am a member of the group so when I heard about this workshop I was excited to go as it was my first one. This event was hosted at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, in San Jose, CA.

We got to experiment with fiber yarn and make a small piece of jewelry in the style of old Victorian hair design. See example photo below from the event.

Here is my work in progress.



And here is the final result:



Not too bad for my first attempt. The fiber we used was similar to the thread you would buy to make those friendship bracelets I made tons of when I was younger. You pull the threads apart (6 per strand) and then flatten them out in groups of 6 and make the basket weave pattern. Cute idea for buttons!