Learning to Improvise

Even when the best laid plans are in place, there are always opportunities that cause you to need to improvise. I was planning on making a single color hat with some light purple yarn I had and I underestimated how much I would need. Not liking to undo work unless I have to, I said ‘ok, I will just make the brim of this hat in some grey yarn I have left over’. However I needed 1 more row of the purple diamonds and I still came up short again, so I made the brim 1 row longer but instead of fpdc/bpdc alternating like normal for these hats, I did fpdc then 3 bpdc and I think it turned out really nice!


Diamond Hat

I might use this style brim again on future hats too, gives it a different look. I also really like this color combo. I made another hat prior to this (which is why I ran out of the purple) using these same colors. Both will be up in my shop soon for sale! I need to get better photos and its super cloudy today so the lighting is no good (yes, its cloudy in California, on a holiday, how terrible, shame on you CA for not being sunny right now!)


Diamond Hats

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Happy Memorial Day everyone, make sure you take a moment to remember all those who have served and currently serve our country.

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