#Mashup – Autumn Leaves Scarf

After doing a few of these neat yarn and pattern combos I have decided to call them Mashups! I am learning that I really like finding cool patterns and matching them with an interesting yarn that really makes the two compliment each other. I hope to feature these mashups every week or so. I will give them my own unique names so the owners of the yarn and pattern can retain their titles for their respective products. Ok on we go to this weeks Mashup: Autumn Leaves Scarf!

The Yarn:

Company/Store: Cascade Yarns – Pacific
Colorway: 25; A beautiful fall, dark, rustic orange
Weight/Length: Worsted/213 yards
Fiber: 40/60 Merino Wool/Acrylic

While not exactly an exotic yarn, I really love this color orange. I knew I wanted to find a pattern that would be able to be worn in the Fall to show off its wonderful color.

The Pattern:

The pattern I found is by Moogly Blog called Winter Sunrise:

Winter Sunrise Scarf by Moogly Blog

Winter Sunrise Scarf by Moogly Blog

It uses a cluster stitch that makes it puffy but still airy enough to wear starting in Fall. I admit after 3/4 completed I realized I was supposed to stop half way and go back to the start to made the other side match. The pattern causes an arc as you go so the end is rounded. I did not do this haha so not wanting to undo so much work I improvised with 2 rows of shells at the end to make it more flat so it resembled the beginning more.

I am going to definitely use this pattern again and this time make sure I follow it the correct way! However I am super happy with how it turned out, here are some photos of my completed Autumn Leaves Scarf.

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