Getting crafty with CraftBrewlry!

Last night at Spread in Campbell, CA our host and local SFEtsy team member Gretchen from CraftBrewlry taught us how to make her super cute bottle cap earrings.

Our first task was to dig through the massive amounts of bottle caps she brought to find a pair we wanted to use to turn into earrings. My husband and I thought we have a hefty collection but I believe we got beat! Her collection included unique brands and styles, as well as some soda caps too.


Then we got to work pounding out our caps using some metal hammers and any current frustrations we needed to expel, sure was fun! After hammering them as flat as possible, you attached the earring pieces using pliers. This took me seconds to complete for 1 but minutes for another as the tiny metal rings can be super easy to fling across the room by accident if you are not careful. Maybe it was just my lack of jewelry making skills but luckily Gretchen happily showed me great tips and suggestions along the way, she was a great teacher!


I was super excited to find 2 soda caps that said “Fizzy Lizzy” on them, how could I resist right?!?! I also saw this neat pair of orange caps with suns on them that looked fun so I made another set with those as well. Not only did you get to make the earring set, she also provided a really cool eco friendly board to post them onto made out of cardboard cut out from 6-packs, how creative!


What a fun and great way to reuse things that generally get tossed away without a second thought. Thanks to Yelp for sponsoring the event, thanks Spread for providing the location (they have amazing sandwiches and mac n cheese btw!!!) and to Gretchen for sharing your craft with us and showing us how fun and creative we can be! Please check out her shop, its full of fantastic items and would make great gifts this holiday!


Thanks for stopping by!

@EcoMonster Snow Globe Yelp Event

This past Sunday I got the chance to check out EcoMonsters new store space and participate in their Yelp Event. There are many of these events going on around the area through mid December, including another I will be going to where you can make your own bottle cap earrings! At the EcoMonster event we got to make cute snow globes out of mason jars and a bunch of little trinkets including trees, bells, sea creatures, angels, elves and all sorts of other things.

You select a jar, then pick out your decorations and hot glue them to the inside of the lid, see my work in progress photos:



Then you fill your empty jar with ‘snow’, water and a few drops of glycerin. Carefully turn your lid upside down and tighten the lid to the jar then hot glue gun the edge to prevent leaking. The last step is to decorate the outside of your jar and you are finished!

Check out my finished snow globe, it ended up having an ocean seahorse theme to it.



I really had fun, these events are great for anyone who likes to get crafty but does not want to buy all the supplies each time for what you want to do. Also great for kids and adults alike, a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Be sure to see if there are any Yelp Events in your area and try one out! Thanks for stopping by!