Recent Pattern Finds

I have been working on 3 new patterns I have found over the last week or so and wanted to share them.

Pattern 1 – Aquatic Blossom Infinity Scarf

The first is a pattern for an infinity scarf using a pattern called Aquatic Blossom and I followed this great tutorial on Crochet Geek.

The video was helpful, since I am mostly a visual learner I find that pairing written instructions with a quick help video to be the best way I learn new patterns. Here is the video if you are interested!

Here is a photo of my work so far, I have 2 rounds done and moving onto the 3rd, my blossoms seem to be a bit lopsided but I really like how its turning out either way!


Aquatic Blossom


Aquatic Blossom

Update 6/30/13:

Here is some photos of the completed scarf:


Aquatic Blossom Scarf Finished



Aquatic Blossom Scarf Finished 2

Pattern 2 – Crocodile Stitch

The second pattern uses a type of stitch that is being used for a pair of slippers I am making from a pattern I bought by Bonita Patterns, I just had to make a pair for myself and then I will make a few for the shop. The crocodile stitch that is used for the top of the slippers was a bit challenging to pick up at first so I searched out a basic video tutorial for that stitch. There are a few tutorials for this stitch out there but I found this one the most helpful by The Crochet Crowd. I enjoy his tutorials a bunch as he is very witty and makes fun jokes during his tutorials.

Here is a shot of one of the tops with the mini crocodile stitches that I made so far and of the slippers in the works.





Pattern 3 – Spring Petals

I found this pattern on Ravelry called Spring Petals and knew it would be the perfect pattern for a skein of the yarn I bought from a family friend who runs a yarn making shop called Western Sky Knits.

I think it turned out really great and will be available in my shop shortly!



Ok that is what I have for this week!