My 2nd Scalloped Shawl


I have received so many compliments and Likes on my first Scalloped Shawl that I knew I had to do another at some point! This time it was a request from my Mom that lead me back to this fantastic pattern. She wanted a black shawl with gold accents that she could wear with nice outfits during the cool months. I spent the better part of 2-3 months causally looking around this past summer for yarn that would work well for this project.

It wasn’t until I remembered (I am still surprised how long it really took me to realize this) that my friend Kim over at Western Sky Knits makes a gold speckle yarn line called Twinkle Sock (comes in either gold or silver) and so I emailed her asking for her to make me some of it in “as black as you can make it!” So she sent me some of her Chimney color which worked out perfectly!

imageAdmittedly the holiday season got away from me with completing this for her for Christmas because I spent so much time preparing for all my holiday shows, but gladly my parents were visiting us in early January so as soon as the New Year came I got to work and finished it just in time for their visit!



I used the same edging technique fro my original shawl since I liked the look so much, so to quote myself:

“I made an additional row along the base line after I was done with the number of pattern repeats I wanted to give that side a bit more of a finished look. After I finished my last Row 7 I did the following across the base: (using Row 4 – 7 as the regular repeat) ch 1, *sc in dc from previous row (a Row 7), chain 3, sc in next dc (a Row 6), chain 3, sc in next dc (a Row 5) 10 dc in chains from a Row 4* repeat * until all the way across (see photo above for visual)”

Final Stats

Size: 72 inches long (measuring along base line) x 33 inches wide (from center of base line to point)
Yarn Used: Approx 2.5 skeins (somewhere between 1000 – 1100 yards) of Western Sky Knits – Twinkle Sock – Chimney
Size Hook: G 4.0


IMG_4461 IMG_4462

IMG_4463 IMG_4465

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9 Replies to “My 2nd Scalloped Shawl”

  1. how did you resolve the edge on the side of the base row where the row 7 finish with a dc on the 3rd chain of the previous row? the ten dc sugested for the edge don’t fit in there…

    • Hey Ingrid, the 10dc goes into the row 4’s (the row where all you are doing is chain stitches) from the original pattern. Then you do the sc, ch 3 in the other rows until you get to the next row 4. Sorry if that is confusing, I also have some useful photos from the first shawl I did previously that have some good close ups of the border. Hope this helps let me know :)

  2. Hi Ionyka, these shawls you made are simply gorgeous! I am sure there are many ladies, myself included, that would love it, if you found the time to make a CAL(Crochet along ) video of this shawl. I find some of the wording in the English translation of this pattern to be a bit confusing. I find it very enjoyable crocheting along with someone on a project; especially since I am not able to get out and about too often.

    • Thanks so much Jordan! I have been pondering doing a video so if I do I will certainly let you know and share the link, with our newborn here a month old it may be awhile though ;)

  3. Hi ionyka, I have been trying to get this pattern from Ravelry and can’t seem to get it. Is there a different website for the English version. BTW, it is very beautiful. Thanks, Penny

    • Hey Penny another commenter just found a link to an English version and shared it with us, I added the link to the blog post so check it out, happy crocheting!

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