2 Pairs of Fingerless Gloves


Over the summer I admit I have not been inspired to try any new patterns for very warm things like scarves or hats. In May I started to make a pair of gloves for a friend because I knew she would love this yarn and I wanted to try this pattern I found. It is August and I am finally done with the set!

Link to Ravelry Pattern
Yarn Used: Great Adirondack – Sirino Yarn in Peacock

The weight of this yarn is great for gloves but made doing the fingers a bit challenging, so they took a little longer to make than normal because they required me to concentrate and sometimes I just wanted to work on something a bit less involved :)

However they turned out great and they fit nice too, I will be giving my very belated birthday gift to my friend in early September so I am excited to see how she likes them!

IMG_0715 IMG_0714 IMG_0713

Another friend, who I will also be seeing in early September, originally wanted me to make her a hat, but she saw the gloves I made above and wanted  pair of gloves instead.

So I knew I wanted to do a different pattern because I wanted to use a slightly thicker yarn because of the colorway I had that I knew she would like. I did some Ravelry & Pinterest surfing last week and originally though that this tunisian pattern would work called Snuggly Mitts and while I liked the end result in the tutorial, the yarn I had was just too think and wasn’t fitting right, so after completing 1 of them I frogged it and started looking again. I will return to that pattern once I pick out some thinner yarn.

I ended up choosing a puff stitch pattern that had a cuff with buttons.
Link to Ravelry Pattern
Yarn Used: Caron Simply Soft in Spring Brook


Having just picked up some of the small plastic buttons I used this made for a great pattern to use a few. The pattern is super easy to follow but I do recommend learning the stitches prior, some of the rows are explained very generally but the site does provide links and other helpful stitch tutorials to follow too. I did a round of sc on the edges of the cuff part to make it look more complete and only did a chain 1 for the buttons since they are a bit smaller than the original pattern. I started with a foundation chain of 31 for the cuff, and I ended up with 14 puff stitches on each row and ended with 2 x rows of 28 sc around the top.

I like them so much and I completed this pair in a fraction of the time that it took me to complete the pair above, which was great! Which means I may try to do a pair for myself soon. They also are a bit more forgiving to different weights of yarn so a great stash buster project as well, would be cool with stripes of color on the cuff and a solid for the puffs….and now I have another pair to make!

I hope she likes them, super excited to give them soon. Thanks for stopping by!

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