Project Completed! DROPS Squares Blanket

I have finished my first squares blanket! Head over to the project page for it for all the details but here are the final stats:

Squares: 70 total ; 10 colors ; 1 x skein of each color to make up the total squares
Joining/Edging: 3 x skeins of dark grey used for all joining and edging
Size: 64 inches x 88 inches
Time: approx 24 hours to complete all squares ; approx 10 hours to complete joining and edging



Project Update: DROPS Blanket

I am happy to say that I have finally finished all of the squares for my DROPS blanket project that I started back in April, I have worked on it off and on since then and have just now started to stitch the squares together, here is a photo of all of the squares and then what it will look like in the final pattern.



Will update with final pictures once I am finished!