My German Scalloped Triangle Shawl

Yay I am finally back!

Moving recently has put a wrench in my ability to keep up with my normal activities, since all of my yarn and camera gear was packed up for awhile. It is amazing how much work moving 4 miles away is after moving across the country 2 years ago and thinking that was tough! But we are finally moved in and although still putting things in their new places I finally got to my yarn stash yesterday! I had been working on a shawl project off and on for about a month in and around the move (luckily it was in my project bag so it was the only thing I could work on for awhile) and since it is finished I wanted to finally update my blog and post some new photos. IMG_6138 I had a few skeins of Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable yarn in this ocean-y aqua blue green color called (conveniently) Tidal and thought it would work great for a shawl pattern I found called Schultertuch / Dreieckstuch (which after translating I believe means Scarf / Shawl) and while originally written in German, I found and English translation written by Michelle Iseman here (Link to Ravelry post).

Update 8/23/2015 – Another English version of this pattern can also be found here.

It is really fast to learn the pattern and quick to work up once you get going. I actually ended up buying 2 more skeins because the 2 that I had were not enough to make it as large as I wanted. I ended up having about a 1/2 a skein left once I got to a length that I liked. What is nice about this pattern is that you can use a variety of weights of yarn from lace to even aran and it would look nice. Although you could use larger, but I would probably stick to sport or worsted normally if I were to make another.

I made an additional row along the base line after I was done with the number of pattern repeats I wanted to give that side a bit more of a finished look. After I finished my last Row 7 I did the following across the base: (using Row 4 – 7 as the regular repeat) ch 1, *sc in dc from previous row (a Row 7), chain 3, sc in next dc (a Row 6), chain 3, sc in next dc (a Row 5) 10 dc in chains from a Row 4* repeat * until all the way across (see photo below for visual) IMG_6142 Here are the final stats and photos, glad to be back!

Final Stats

Size: 72 inches long (measuring along base line) x 36 inches wide (from center of base line to point)
Yarn Used: 3.5 skeins Red Heart Boutique Unforgettable Yarn in Tidal (so approx 975 yards)
Size Hook: H 5.0

IMG_6151 IMG_6148 IMG_6145 IMG_6143   IMG_6140

UPDATE: 1/15/2015 – Check out another shawl I have made using this same pattern and edging technique here!


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    • Thanks so much Karla! You are welcome to link a photo of this project on your site but know that the original pattern I followed is not mine and credit should be given to the owner, you can find the link in the post. I only wrote out the modification I did to the edging here in my blog post. You are welcome to link to this post in reference to my pattern modification though too. Thanks have a great week!

  1. Hi,

    The shawl looks fabulous… Did you wash the shawl after it is done? Because Red heart Unforgettable is always very fussy and its unable to frog it…. But yours looks great… Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Thank you so much! This was the first time I used this yarn so I learned like yourself that it is a bit fussy. I did not wash it, it seemed to keep its shape well once I was finished so I cannot offer too much advice for that step if you choose to do it. I did tell the lady I sold it too if she needed to clean it to spot clean gently if needed so it does not get stretched out. My guess would be if I were to make another one with this yarn (which I hope to do again soon!) and choose to wash it I would put it in a mesh laundering bag so it does not get tangled up. If I happen to, I will certainly post some updates about it here on the blog. Thanks again!

      • Thanks a lot for your reply… thanks for the tip. Sure I will try it out and update here after finishing the shawl… thanks again.

  2. I have spent the past two days trying to get the English translation to this pattern. I’ve followed the links on Ravelry and all I get are some photos on a Facebook page. I have used Google and reopened an old Google account to get the document. No luck. I am kind of stuck recovering from knee replacement AND a bunch of dental surgery. I have the wool and the hooks sitting right here. If someone has a German version, I can probably get in translated since I have a good friend who has a daughter with a masters degree in German and who spent a year in Austria and who knits and crochets, so I should be good there. Thanks.

    • Sorry you are having trouble getting a copy of the original pattern, it seems like the link from her Ravelry page is not working right again. I hope she fixes it soon!

  3. Would it be possible to ask a huge favor and if you could place this pattern to my email stacyfenton@yahoo I’ve tried so many patterns but they are wrong or confusing. Thank you

  4. Thank you so much for posting your beautiful work here! You have inspired me to make two of these gorgeous shawls! It would have been impossible without your help!

  5. I can’t find the English version of this…the links don’t appear to work. Can someone help me locate the English version?

  6. Every time I go to download something from any site that has this download program, or app, I get a message from McAfee, do you want to go there it can read and change what i am looking at can change or manage my apps, and other things it mentions. I don’t know whether to go ahead and download or not. I sure would like to have this pattern, It is beautiful. All the patterns are beautiful.

    • Hi Nancy, this pattern is not mine therefore the links I include are to other sites that I have used to download the pattern in the past so I cannot directly address your issue, but hopefully you are able to find a way to get a copy, if the one via Ravelry works still I would recommend trying that one. Good luck!

  7. Thanks for sharing the lovely picture of the shawl. I am making prayer shawls for pastor’s wives, and saw this one, I will make this one and try it with the beads. What sizes of beads and best?

    • Sharon – glad you want to give it a try, it is really fun to make :) I have not used beads when making this so I cannot say but if you check out this yarn at a craft store I’m sure you can take it to the bead section and find some that might work. Good luck!

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