BlueberryPie Scarf Pattern!

So this is kinda a big deal for me and I am super excited to list my very first homemade pattern!

It is for my BlueberryPie Scarf that I originally posted about here.

I have created a Free Patterns section to my site here so as I add more they will all be collected there.

*Drum roll please* …. I am proud to announce my BlueberryPie Scarf Pattern! *Clapping* *Chearing* Woohoo!


BlueberryPie Scarf Pattern

For those that prefer downloadable PDFs you can use your favorite crafty site here:


Please Note: There are no restrictions on the use of my patterns however the patterns themselves are not for sale, resale or duplication. Please give credit by linking to the pattern if used, I enjoy seeing what others make with it!

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