CroCreations Infinity Scarf Pattern

I was searching around the interwebs this past week for another scarf pattern that would be perfect for some chunky yarn I have that I bought at a yarn show by James C Brett. I very much wish I had bought more but I only ended up getting a skein of his MC28 color:



The pattern I ended up using was a variation of’s Bellflower Infinity Scarf┬áby CroCreations. See the sample photo:

CroCreations Infinity Scarf

The only modification I made to the CroCreations version of this pattern was I added an extra set of Shells so it was a bit wider:


CroCreations Scarf

I love the color blending and it seems to change equally between rows too which is really neat. I will post more photos once its longer!

Wishing all the Dads out there including mine a Happy Father’s Day!!

5/18/2013 – UPDATE

It is finished, here is a photo of the completed infinity scarf!

Finished CroCreations Scarf

Finished CroCreations Scarf

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